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First Real Shoot em Up First Real Shoot em Up

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Well... needs some work

A few things I noticed:
1. You need to erase around the edges of the ships. Black boxes look stupid.
2. Getting hit by enemy fire didn't seem to do anything.
3. The music was a bit annoying.

I'm guessing this is your first game, perhaps even your first Flash (excuse me if I'm wrong). Still, it shows potential. Just spend some more time polishing up and you can probably make some fun stuff! You might also want to make something a bit more original but hey, what is original nowadays?

Mobile Weapon Assault Mobile Weapon Assault

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A very solid and well built game

This game is a fine example of Flash craftsmanship. I see this game as being very complete. It has above average graphics, sound effects for much of the gun shots and explosions, powerups after each level, unlockables, save games, etc. The content that comes in this small package is quite diverse and makes for a very fun game session.

The graphics in the game were, for the most part, done quite well. There were, however, a few instances where some of them seemed to get a bit simplified. For example, the shots for the first weapon were mere brown spheres. While this does express the fact that the weapon is simply less powerful than the other two weapons, it is hardly cool ammunition to look at. That, although is not a very important thing and I would not worry too much about changing it. On the other end of the aesthetics, I think both the user interface of the menus was put together good and the transitions throughout the menus were very smooth and streamline making for a very easy time finding your way thoughout the menus. Also, aesthetically, the sound was quite good as well. A good selection of music and sound effects adds to the ambient atmosphere of the game.

Gameplay, although not the most original thing I have seen, was quite good and the programming was pieced together thoroughly. There were no bugs experienced during my gameplay, which shows that you went though some dedicated beta testing, or are just an amazing ActionScript programmer and got it all right the first time. If there was one thing I would have done about the gameplay, it would have been to speed it up. It just seemed to me that it was going along very slow. I think you could have made a much more interesting atmosphere had you increased game speed and made more particle effects for explosions, which in turn would create a sense of "chaos" thoughout the environments in the game; something that I think you are going for here.

The graphics, sound, gameplay, and over visual appealing game which you have made is a good example of what culminates after dedication and hard work. I think this is something to be proud of and definitely stands out from much of the other submissions. A tad bit of tweaking could work this game from "very good" to "superbly stupendous", though all in all, there is nothing about it that needs to be changed. This is an example of what I would consider a perfect internet game. It is not too long, concise, to the point, is fairly simple, and has a deal of replayability. All in all, it is a great game that I would recomend to anyone interested in side-view platform type gameplay.


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TylerProjects responds:

Thanks for the review! :D

With regards to the speed of the game, I've considered making it faster, but then there wouldnt be much upgrading for it.. It was even slower originally. :p

Guess I have to make it faster. :)

Oh yea, I played this game tons of times myself just to iron out the bugs. :X

Roller Coaster Designer Roller Coaster Designer

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Most fun I have had out of 93k

It was far from what I would consider to be "good", but it is going in the right direction. The ability to make a roller coaster was actually fairly well adapted into this. All in all, it needs a LOT of work. For instance, when you get to a turn, you should actually turn and not just move in that direction. Also, the track looked like crap, but if you were going for the "under 100k" feat then that might have screwed you over a bit.

Keep working on this. Once you get some better graphics, more design options, and perhaps some sounds, this might not be a bad choice for something to occupy one's time with. Good luck!

pacmanxpacman responds:


Battlegrounds 2 Battlegrounds 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A fairly well done game, though it has its flaws

The AI of the game was the one thing that really got to me. I saw my units attacking a group of enemies on front of a building... but none of them ever died. Then all of my troops began to die. Turns out, I was attacking the building and not the enemies. So, I sent all my units away, but they just ran back and started attacking the building. Then they all died. So, overall AI is terrible. If there was a gameplay rating, I would give only 3 or 4 out of ten. Along with the gameplay, I was not too impressed with the design of the user interface. First off, I don't like having to click a button or press W to deselect units. I routinely would have a group selected and then start clicking on a building, forgetting that I have to choose to deselect first... not something I am used to in other strategy type games. Also with gameplay, it gets annoying when you want to build some buildings, but you don't know WHY you can't build some. Is it because of money? Limit? Or the building just isn't available yet? There is nothing that I saw hinting toward which ever was the reason.

The building and terrain graphics were pretty good. They had their own style to them, which I liked. The units, however, I felt were crap. The game would have looked so much better if the units had extremities that were acutally connected to them. The "dotlegs" and "dothands" make the units look incredibly stupid.

Sound, I have not much to complain about. It was nothing to bad nor good, though I did recognize the Morrowind music. I might only suggest that because you are submitting this to the Armorgames contest that you take it out, only because I've had threats for putting copyrighted music in games that I would have profited off of. Luckily, I got no cash from those so nothing happened!

All in all, it is an above average game. There are just a lot of things in it that get on one's nerves, but there is always time for improvment. Best of luck to you!

Arcane Castle Arcane Castle

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It was okay

The graphics and animation were decent, and the game had a decent pace and diffculty to it, though I felt it was boring. It seemed to be quite repetative and there really was no point in doing anything. Once you beat it... that's it. The only diversity is in the difficulty setting, which still does not make much of a difference in the overall feel of the game. This game, while good for a few minutes as just something to do, is hardly above average. There is no real thought or emotion put into it. I see it as not much more than a fast paced arcade game... with no scores.

Not bad, but I don't feel that it is anything above average. 2/5

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DifferentName responds:

My whole point was to make a fast paced arcade game, so i succeeded. But i'm surprised you can call mine boring, when in your game you just click the spider then wait for your guy to kill it someday.

Murloc RPG Murloc RPG

Rated 3 / 5 stars

An average game

No offense, but I don't see what all the hype is about. The game is okay, but I would hardly say it is anywhere near astounding. Your graphics were pretty good, but needless to say, none of them were original. Using all rendered graphics looked pretty good, but I would only give you a 4 out of 10 for originality. If you plan on doing the sequel you would need to keep the same graphics to merge the two games together, but in any future projects I suggest you make your own graphics.

Honestly, I was not a very big fan of the gameplay. You claim there are over 50 items, of which I am sure there are, but there are no visible effects of the items such as seeing the clothes (clothes!?) change on the Murloc. Combat to me was also very distasteful. I didn't like it at all. The movement was monatanous and there was really no diversity. Spells and skills broke it up a bit, but you didn't really include any substance in the design.

Another of your claims is that there is an hour or so of gameplay. I am sure that I played for an hour, but a majority of that time was gathering those items in the beginning of the game (meat, crabs, tails)! The combat was WAY too long. I was getting quite bored of hitting the enemies twenty times in a row and because the actions were slow, it just made combat take too long. By the time I had to get the wolf tails, I was getting anxious to avoid combat.

Those are my main concerns for the game. On the bright side, however, I do think that it makes a good game to just sit down and spend some time on when you are bored. The interface is easy to use and it is a simple game to understand. Difficulty wise, it only takes a few minutes to get a feel for the game and a battle or two in order to know what to do. I think the game is okay, but because of lack of originality and little depth to the game I only give it a 6 out of 10. Good luck on the sequel!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was pretty good, but lacking

It is definitely a good show of quasi 3D programming skill, but there really is no definite substance to the game. Although the 3D is cool, the overall graphics were not extremely good. The floors and boundaries of the game were drawn a little shoddy, but not too bad. The thing that really bothered me was that the objects in the game and the characters were very cartoonish looking, while the boundaries of the levels were rigid and definitely more geometrical. The two graphic types just didn't flow together. If you had maybe thicker outlines for the boundaries, that would have helped.

The gameplay is pretty good, considering you are trying to blend 2D characters in a pseudo 3D environment. The animation was very smooth (I was suprised) and the combat was not bad. It did get annoying when the enemy was "above" you and there was no way to hit it, but you still did a really good job with the controls.

Lastly, the game lacked any real depth, although I think what you were going for was the 3Dness. Story was somewhat thin and the levels were very plain, but again there is not much of a buffer zone when you want to have good graphics with the Flash processing speed. Therefore, with what you have it all works out fine.

All in all, it is pretty good. Besides the 3D aspect is is a fairly average game; something that I would expect in a platformer. The programming was still great (I'm not there yet), but next time you should try to incorperate more diverse levels and enemies. Still, great job! Keep it up.

xeroe responds:

wow thanks for the detailed review, this game was developed for a game competition, we would have liked to have developed a more detailed story element, but unfortunately time got away from us. This was more of a battle engine, I felt there should be some story but didnt get the time make much.

I'm proud of my AI tho, you'll find they'll run away and bide their time and do all kind of stuff.

Drakojan Skies Acolytes Drakojan Skies Acolytes

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's good, but getting old

Seriously, you are a really talented animator and programmer, but you need to start on something else. All it seems you are doing is taking your old engines and just changing up the backgrounds a bit. With the advent of this fourth title in the Drakojan Skies series, I think they are starting to get a little worn down. There really are no changes to the game other than the backgrounds, a few graphics, and some sounds. This, along with the other two sequels, are just refurbished and polished up versions of the first game. For these reasons, I only award you a rating of 4 for style.

I would really like to see you experiment with your creative side. Even if most of your experience revolves around side scrolling and platform type games, you can still make some real good stuff. However you program this, it is quite good because there is absolutely no lag on the current computer I am using. I think something other than the "flying jet/spacecraft vs other flying jets/spacecraft" motif is needed.

I'm not saying this is a bad game, but I definitely do not feel that this is an extraordinary game. You already set the bar with the first in the series, and I think it is time to raise it. All in all, I give this game a rating of 6. It has been recycled too many times to be anything new. Your graphics, sound, backgrounds, and gameplay were all there and done very well. This just seemed to lack the substance and the "soul" of the first one. There really is no more enthusiam while playing these games. It is still an above average game, just lacking the originality needed to make it great.

Whether you start on something else or continue with the Drakojan Skies franchise, I still await the arrival of your next game.

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Castle Siege Castle Siege

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good game, overall

The thing I disliked about it the most was that there was no sound effects. I definitely would have gotten into it more if you had some sounds of rocks crushing, fireballs getting casted, arrows being shot, etc. The music, on the other hand, did have a pretty nice touch and looped well. Graphics, although simple, still looked pretty good and the animation of their walking was done pretty well.

I would suggest making more projectiles and powerups if you plan on updating it, along with sound effects.

All in all, a good game. Nice job!

Arclite83 responds:

I considered sound effects, and almost put them in, but in the end decided against it because nothing I found really fit well. At that point I decided the music would be enough sound for it. *shrug*

Defend Your Inglor Defend Your Inglor

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I give it two thumbs up

I thought it was really cool. The graphics, although simple, still looked quite good and the texture of the ground was done very well. I liked the top down shooter aspect of it and how you could upgrade at the end of the level.

In my opinion, the sound is what really got me. I thought the music was really good and the sound effects too. For some reason I thought that it really brought the game together. I started off playing with the speakers off and then turned them on around level 5, and the difference was phenomenal. Even though there was not much diversity with sound, it still worked pretty good.

Violence and humor were relatively non existent. Sure, you see a blood splatter when you kill things, but the fact that they were just dots really does not make it violence, in my eyes at least. I did think the dots getting mutilated was funny though, so you get 1 for humor.

Lastly, interactivity I thought was really good. The fact that it is a game makes it interactive already, but with the different upgrades and stuff that increases your score. It could have had a little more with a few more weapons and backdrops. I don't know if I had to get further or not, but I was playing with only one enemy at a time and swarms would be much better. After I finish writing I'll continue to play and see if that happens.

Great balance of simplicity and style make this a really good game. I give it a final score of 9 for your effort. Way to go Denvish (or Denvlor, or whatever the heck you are)!