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Lullaby in Eb

2010-05-13 14:08:01 by Nemo

Hey everyone! I've decided to put up a piano piece that wrote last year - both a recording and the sheet music. For any pianists out there, you may enjoy playing it... I do!

Sheet Music

Thanks a bunch! I hope you enjoy :P


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2010-05-13 14:44:05

Awesome piece

Nemo responds:

Thank you!


2010-05-14 08:20:59

When I saw the title I thought it was the lullaby theme from EarthBound. Still, it was pretty damn good. Also your name looked familiar. So I went through your reviews and found out that you gave one of my "Day After" movies a good review. ash/responses/5

Can't believe I remember your name after all this time! Anyway, keep up the good work. You're one of the people who inspired me to continue with flash :)

Nemo responds:

Wow, you get a cookie for having a great memory. Thanks for the support! And keep up with Flash animation - some genuine talent really does go a long way.

Take it easy!


2010-06-06 15:20:20

hey long time no see! i think. wait what

Nemo responds: