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New Game

2009-11-18 15:04:52 by Nemo

I don't think anybody reads my posts, but I'm making a new game. It's actually coming along faster that I expected. Cool.


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2009-11-18 21:29:28

I'm so excited! I've been waiting for this since the first time I completed Kingdom Fire back when it was brand new. Best of luck dude, keep us posted on your progress please. :D
Any idea when us Nemofans will get to play the new game? Can you tell us a little about your plans for it?

Nemo responds:

Holy cow, I was wrong - I guess people do read stuff! Well, I can let you know that it's a bit of a departure from stuff like "Kingdom Fire." I've been out of the Flash circle for three-and-a-half years, so I just wanted to do something simple, fun, hopefully addictive, and somewhat hippy-ish to get me back into programming stuff. Hopefully in... two weeks or so (?) it might be done. That's a complete guess, but considering how much work I've finished with the programming already, it looks like it will just be the art that's gonna slow me down! Granted, I'm unemployed so... I have nothing else to do. Far out.

This is also my diabolical plan to get money so I can get a plane ticket to Japan.

Thanks a lot for being a fan! I'm glad you like my work!


2009-11-24 00:08:15

Once you get back into the feel of things a full kingdom fire would be nice... hint hint.... lol either way ill be sure to check out this new game ur working on

Nemo responds:

Actually, I'm thinking a full Kingdom Fire might be the next thing on the agenda! I'll keep everyone informed!

It's fun being unemployed :)


2009-12-03 10:00:43

it better be good i've missed playing fun games on the web:(