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SporeCraft is Released!

2010-03-28 12:46:01 by Nemo

Finally! SporeCraft!


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2010-03-29 05:21:36

Hey... congratulations.


2010-03-29 22:22:35

Is a ok game, but you need to work on the controls... and make a easy tutorial, and maybe You could make a upgrade/evolve panel that someone can understand... Im not saying that is a bad game, the true: I see great potecial, you just must work in some details... be the way, congratulations, just some people make games so espceial, Im saying it because the the true is that the gender of the game is unic... thats all.. by the way sorry for my bad english, Im working in that :/


2010-04-08 01:32:14

Needs a bit more work